The Anatomy of an Effective Lead Generation Web Form

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If your website is already getting a steady stream of traffic, then conversion-rate optimisation is the single quickest way to get more leads online.

There are plenty of ways to go about this, but you want results as quickly as possible right?

So I suggest an 80/20 approach. Start with the little tweaks that will get the biggest results.

In my experience, this means starting with your web forms.

NOTE: Before we dive into the specific tips, let me just say this… If you do NOT already have a web form with a specific call to action on every page … Read More >>

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Case Study: simple list-building hack gets 34.6% more opt-ins

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Here’s something cool that will be directly applicable to you if you want to build a bigger prospect database.

It’s a simple tweak we tested on client Mergers & Inquisitions’ opt-in forms.. that drove 34.6% more list signups.

Here's what we tested

The "Control": We tested a "One Step" opt-in form with the usual "First name" and "Email Address fields...


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INFOGRAPHIC: The Monster List of Marketing PROOF ELEMENTS

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The Monster List of Marketing PROOF ELEMENTS

Here’s a comprehensive list of proof elements you can use to ratchet up the persuasive power of your marketing.

Orthodox marketing wisdom tells you to “sell benefits” in order to convert more visitors into customers or clients.

This is sound advice, but it’s not enough. You also have to prove what you say is true.

Testimonials may be the first “proof element” that comes to mind. While testimonials can be very effective persuasion tool, they’re just the tip of the proof iceberg.

Below is a monster checklist of 42 distinct proof elements you can use to make your marketing messages more convincing – ultimately helping you to convert more visitors, shrink your sales cycle and boost pricing power and margins.


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Standing out from the crowd: How sitelink extensions improve your Adwords visibility, CTR and lead flow

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SERP visibility, or visibility in Search Engine Results Pages is a crucial component in the lead generation funnel employed by most of our clients.

Simply being present at the top of SERPs (in “position #1”) is a powerful advantage, however it’s important to leverage AdWords’ advanced features to stand out from competition and increase the visibility and performance of search ads. One of the most effective ways to increase SERP visibility is to implement sitelink extensions.

Although Sitelink extensions have been around for a couple of years now, there are still many Adwords advertisers who are not utilizing this … Read More >>

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Four Reasons Why Wistia Is One Of My Favourite Conversion-Rate Optimisation Discoveries For 2014

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Incorporating video into your website is an increasing popular way to engage your prospects and customers online.

While there’s much to be said about the best way to use video online, the possibilities include:

Video sales letters Promotional videos Demonstrations Video webinars Video testimonials Screen captures

Will video work in your industry to lift your conversion-rate? Can video out-perform text and images? Should you be jumping on the video bandwagon?

I can’t say for certain. Though I can tell you this…
If your videos provide an engaging way for your customers to better understand you value proposition or they provide … Read More >>

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Bridging the Gap: Tracking Wistia Optins in Visual Website Optimizer

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A Typical Wistia OptinSo, you're pretty au fait with Visual Website Optimizer.  You know how to build a split test and add the tags to your website.  You know how to add a conversion tag to an optin's thank-you page.  In short - if VWO were Top Gun, you'd be Maverick.

But wait.  There's an awesome tool people have been talking about called Wistia.  Optins in a video?  Cool.  But ... how do you track conversions in VWO?  How do you track them in ... anything not Wistia?


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Why Lead Volume Ain’t Everything… How One Test Increased Sales By 456.74%

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If you received more leads, you’d surely receive more sales…right?

Because leads are so often the key entry point to a business’ sales funnel, it’s only natural to focus your energy on improvements there.

In my experience, this is usually true. More lead volume = more sales.  However, this rule doesn’t always apply – and I’ll show you why in this quick case study.

QW-SalesTest-FunnelWe’d been working with one specific client to increase their lead volume AND sales volume.

Their sales cycle had always been long because prospects typically needed to research a solution over time. Although we’d optimised … Read More >>

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If your organic traffic has suddenly decreased and your website has disappeared out of the top Google rankings for your target keywords, then you may have a Google penalty. It is every business owner’s nightmare! But don’t panic yet, there are steps to recovering…


First step is to diagnose the reason why Google has dropped your rankings. There are a wide range of Google penalties and diagnosing the problem is half the battle. You may think you have a penalty, but it could be as simple as a NOINDEX, NOFOLLOW was added onto the site during a recent upgrade. This … Read More >>

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3 Ways to Defend Your WordPress Website from Hackers

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First up the main type of attack that is going on at the moment and the one to be most worried about is a brute force attack. This means they are using a lot of different computers to submit a lot of username/password combinations to the login page. It is “brute force” because they don’t know the password so they’re simply trying to get through by throwing as many passwords as possible at the login, hoping one will get them in.

So here are my 3 best suggestions on how to avoid becoming the victim of a brute force attack:… Read More >>

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Why Web Copy Matters: 1 Surprising Split Test That Proves the Power of a Headline

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Headlines are one of the most important parts of every webpage on your site.

Your headline is your chance to draw a prospective customer in – and make the right first impression to win the visitor over.

But they don’t often get the credit they deserve. It’s easy to overlook the power of a strong headline in a strong page… And it’s also easy to blame the whole page for bad performance when it’s actually just the headline that is failing.

To show you why web copy really does matter: here’s a breakdown of a split test that I … Read More >>

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