Bridging the Gap: Tracking Wistia Optins in Visual Website Optimizer

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A Typical Wistia OptinSo, you're pretty au fait with Visual Website Optimizer.  You know how to build a split test and add the tags to your website.  You know how to add a conversion tag to an optin's thank-you page.  In short - if VWO were Top Gun, you'd be Maverick.

But wait.  There's an awesome tool people have been talking about called Wistia.  Optins in a video?  Cool.  But ... how do you track conversions in VWO?  How do you track them in ... anything not Wistia?

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Why Lead Volume Ain’t Everything… How One Test Increased Sales By 456.74%

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If you received more leads, you’d surely receive more sales…right?

Because leads are so often the key entry point to a business’ sales funnel, it’s only natural to focus your energy on improvements there.

In my experience, this is usually true. More lead volume = more sales.  However, this rule doesn’t always apply – and I’ll show you why in this quick case study.

QW-SalesTest-FunnelWe’d been working with one specific client to increase their lead volume AND sales volume.

Their sales cycle had always been long because prospects typically needed to research a solution over time. Although we’d optimised to improve both leads and sales, their lead funnel was very much focused on the long-term: Opt-in > Nurture > Sa... Read more

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If your organic traffic has suddenly decreased and your website has disappeared out of the top Google rankings for your target keywords, then you may have a Google penalty. It is every business owner’s nightmare! But don’t panic yet, there are steps to recovering…


First step is to diagnose the reason why Google has dropped your rankings. There are a wide range of Google penalties and diagnosing the problem is half the battle. You may think you have a penalty, but it could be as simple as a NOINDEX, NOFOLLOW was added onto the site during a recent upgrade. This would be a quick 2 minute fix, but unfortunately not all cases are as easy as this!

As... Read more

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3 Ways to Defend Your WordPress Website from Hackers

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First up the main type of attack that is going on at the moment and the one to be most worried about is a brute force attack. This means they are using a lot of different computers to submit a lot of username/password combinations to the login page. It is “brute force” because they don’t know the password so they’re simply trying to get through by throwing as many passwords as possible at the login, hoping one will get them in.

So here are my 3 best suggestions on how to avoid becoming the victim of a brute force attack:

1 – Make sure you have a strong password

This is one of the places where I see a lot of websites completely fail. Many people don’t realise that a s... Read more

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Why Web Copy Matters: 1 Surprising Split Test That Proves the Power of a Headline

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Headlines are one of the most important parts of every webpage on your site.

Your headline is your chance to draw a prospective customer in – and make the right first impression to win the visitor over.

But they don’t often get the credit they deserve. It’s easy to overlook the power of a strong headline in a strong page… And it’s also easy to blame the whole page for bad performance when it’s actually just the headline that is failing.

To show you why web copy really does matter: here’s a breakdown of a split test that I recently ran for a client.

To give a quick background, the client was in a competitive financial services niche with expensive traffic – so even a small boost in conversion rate was really valuable for the client’s bottom line.

The original page was pretty ba... Read more

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5 Reasons Why NOT Having Call Tracking Is Hurting Your Online Lead Generation

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How important are incoming phone enquiries to your lead generation efforts?

If you answered, “very important“, then why is that so few businesses actually track their calls as they do their online enquiries or opt-ins?


In my experience, it’s because so few businesses understand how simple it is to setup call tracking and tie it into their AdWords campaigns and online marketing efforts.

But that’s exactly what you should be doing if you want to start taking advantage of better lead attribution and understand your return on advertising investment.

Still not convinced? Here’s five reasons to get call tracking in-place on your website:

1. ... Read more

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Double Your Online Enquiries Using This Drop-Dead Simple Conversion Tweak We Swiped From Old-School Yellow Pages Ads

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This Test Starts Back In Yellow Pages’ Heyday…

When Pink Pest Services first contacted us many years ago, owner Mal Trotter was looking for someone to improve his Yellow Pages print advertisement.Yellow Pages

At the time, Marketing Results was still doing print and direct mail, so we were more than happy to help.

One of the key changes made at the time was to incorporate Mal’s photo in the ad.

This simple change not only boosted enquiries, it also had customers remarking about how refreshing it was to have someone put their face to their business.

Mal and Pink Pest ... Read more

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Home Page vs. Landing Page Deathmatch: Conversion Rate Case Studies

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Creating landing pages as part of your digital marketing strategy: Pages specifically designed as the best entry point for a visitor. Pages designed specifically to increase conversion. It’s a no brainer “must-do”, right?

Victorious case study contestant

But despite all of that…many businesses don’t use them.

“But my website is already great at generating leads and sales…do I really need a landing page?”

YES! You do need a landing page (or a series of landing pages, to be honest).

A well-designed landing page will almost certainly kill your website for conversion…even if you’ve already invested in optimising your website.<... Read more

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SEO Case Study: How We Increased Organic Visits By 60.41% & Leads By 29.49% – In Just 2 Months!

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Many small local businesses struggle to compete with larger franchisees in Google AdWords and Organic results. However, small business can compete on a localised SEO strategy by targeting the suburb keywords in their location.


Not only are these keywords typically less to bid on in AdWords and takes less time to rank in organic results, they are also highly relevant to the user. One of Google main goals is to provide highly relevant results to users search terms, so targeting the suburbs you are located in is a highly effective SEO strategy.



Our main goal for this client was to improve the organic traffic to the website. This client has top positions in Google AdWords so we wanted to spend some time and resources on improving the website’s authority in the organic and local Read more

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Will “Social Media” Become Just “Media”

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Of course it will!

And at the end of the day it doesn’t really matter…

Do you remember when “TV” was called “Colour TV”? I don’t :D, but that is the only successful analogy I have used when discussing the future of marketing with my clients. I can talk for hours about the importance of technology and Social Media in leading a global revolution – but I am often met with blank unbelieving eyes when discussing the role of social media in their marketing strategy.

Then “Voila!”

I slip in the Colour TV analogy and they get it.

(The colour TV analogy comes from Philip Read more

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