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...then Enquire Now to request an AdWords Profit Audit. You'll discover specific ways to save — and make — more money from your existing PPC campaigns. If your Audit doesn't reveal at least 3 specific ways you can make or save more money, starting today, we'll give you $100 for wasting your time.


If your AdWords Profit Audit doesn't reveal at least 3 specific ways
to make more money or save waste, we'll pay you $100 for wasting your time.

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Google AdWords is like chess: easy to learn, but practically impossible to master. And the difference between an occasional social player and a Grandmaster is like night and day.

And to make matters worse, Google actually stacks the odds in favour of the top 3% of advertisers who really know what they're doing, leaving the other 97% to fight over the scraps.

So the question you might be asking yourself right now is, how can I ensure I'm one of the top 3%?

Answer: you need advanced AdWords optimisation techniques that your competitors either don't know or aren't using, to ensure you rise to the top of your industry, and stay there.

That's where Marketing Results can help.

Marketing Results Has Been Delivering AdWords Results Like These For 10+ Years:

  • More clicks: if you make one dollar every time you spend 50c per click, you'll want to generate as many targeted clicks as possible.
  • Lower Cost Per Click (CPC): by optimising ads, keywords and landing pages, you can get more clicks for less cost, increasing your ROI.
  • More enquiries, sales leads and sales: traffic does not equal sales. Targeted traffic equals sales.
  • Less waste: by identifying and culling unproductive clicks, you'll save money without decreasing results.
  • Reduced spend with the same or better results.
  • Better performance against aggressive competitors.
  • Increased ROI - more enquires and sales for less advertising cost.

7 Reasons to Work With Marketing Results:

  1. Proven record of results: we have a history of delivering explosive ROI for our AdWords management clients. Not just once or twice, but in dozens of distinct industries over 10+ years (see the before-and-after examples below ).
  2. Full-featured service: Some pay per click marketing consultants charge you extra for essential features (such as multiple adgroups, ad testing, conversion tracking and KPI reporting) - we provide them as standard.
  3. Advanced analytics-based approach: You also get the benefit of advanced tools including multiple conversion goals and closed-loop tracking, that extend the functionality of Google AdWords to deliver more insight and faster returns.
  4. Strategic insight: you'll appreciate our ability to add value to your online strategy with appropriate creative messaging, targeting, segmentation and calls to action.
  5. We're a Google Qualified Company: All our paid search consultants hold the Google AdWords Qualified Individual certification, and we are also a Google AdWords Qualified Company. Only senior consultants will ever work on your account - not new graduates clutching a "how-to" manual.
  6. Transparent reporting: the lines between what you pay Google and our account management fees are never blurred. You have complete access to your AdWords account and results at all times (some AdWords managers ban you from accessing your own account! Can you believe it?)
  7. Proactive management: We're always looking for ways to raise the bar. Our approach is not "set and forget". You can expect more, higher-quality clicks and conversions each and every month you use our service.

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Want proof? Take a look at these client case studies

The following screenshots are just a few examples from our extensive showcase of case studies. They illustrate how much profit upside may lie hidden in your AdWords account, ready for the taking.

Before-And-After AdWords Case Study #1

From just 9 186 enquiries per month, at dramatically lower cost.

Month 1: "Before"

Adwords Case Study - Before

In Month 1, the client received 9 enquiries at an average cost of $194.37 each.

Month 10: "After"

Adwords Case Study - After

By Month 10, enquiry volume increased to 186 (that's 20X growth), at a average cost of just $53.95.

Before-And-After AdWords Case Study #2

Enquiry volume more than triples while cost per conversion plummets by 68%

Month 1: "Before"

Adwords Case Study - Before

In Month 1, the client received 6 enquiries at an average cost of $326.13 each.

Month 8: "After"

Adwords Case Study - After

By Month 8, enquiry volume had more than tripled to 20, at a average cost of $102.54 each

Before-And-After AdWords Case Study #3

65% more leads at 18% lower cost per lead, in 3 months

Month 1: "Before"

PPC Optimisation - Before

In Month 1, the client received 628 leads at an average cost of $10.90 each.

Month 3: "After"

PPC Optimisation - After

By Month 3, lead volume almost had grown to 1,035, at a cost of just $8.99 each.

Before-And-After AdWords Case Study #4

89% more enquiries at 21% lower cost, in 3 months

Month 1: "Before"

Adwords Management - Before

In Month 1, the client received 155 enquiries at an average cost of $3.67 each.

Month 3: "After"

Adwords Management - After

By Month 3, enquiry volume almost doubled to 293, at an average cost of only $2.90.

Before-And-After AdWords Case Study #5

4.8X more enquiries for half the 8 months!

Month 1: "Before"

Adwords Case Study - Month 1

In Month 1, the client received 55 enquiries at an average cost of $23.42 each.

Month 8: "After"

Adwords Case Study - Month 8

By Month 8, enquiry volume is had increased almost 5-fold to 267, at a 42% lower cost per conversion of just $13.64!

Want even MORE proof? Here's a small sample of what clients have said about our PPC management services:

Our web-based lead generation campaigns have been instrumental in gaining new clients, including BRW Fast 100s and leading ASX 100s
Anders Sorman-Nilsson
We've increased online sales by 30%+ and are getting glowing compliments from customers
Peter Landis,
Ravish Designs
549 qualified sales leads in 3 months
Ed Nixon
Trilogy Funding

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What your paid search management plan includes:

Feature Typical Campaign Marketing Results campaign
Number of campaigns 1 2-20
Number of adgroups 1-10 10-500+
Number of keywords 20-100 1,000 - 10,000+
Conversion tracking No Included
Multiple conversion goals No Included
Google Analytics setup No Included
Professional ad copy No Included
Ad testing - ongoing No 2-3 ads per adgroup
Weekly updates N/A Included
Monthly reporting N/A Included
Account manager N/A Dedicated Account Manager
Email support N/A Included
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Put us through our paces - there are NO long-term contracts

We won't lock you into a 12 month contract. Just give us 3 months to either set up your new account, or produce dramatic improvements in your existing account performance.

And even this 3 month pilot program is only an "agreement" as opposed to a "contract". If you're not happy with the service or results, you can leave at any time without penalty. That's how confident we are that we can add value.

Start maximising your Google AdWords results today

The fastest way to find out more is to enquire now and mention the Free Google AdWords Profit Audit offer... We'll give you concrete ideas for boosting the profitability of your existing Google AdWords account, or pay you $100 for wasting your time.

This Profit Audit is obligation-free, and it's a good opportunity for you to "test-drive" our ideas and approach, without commitment or risk.

If what we say makes sense and you agree our approach can make you money and save you time, we can expore a longer term working relationship. Enquire now.