New Audio Program, Search Engine Strategies For Lead Generation Websites, Released Today

Will Swayne

I’ve just released the new-and-improved version of my audio program, Search Engine Strategies For Lead Generation Websites.

This program is designed especially for time-poor, results-focused business owners and managers who want to learn how to deploy practical and proven Search Engine Optimisation strategies to drive top search engine results.

This 4-part, 97-minute audio program shows details how to:

  • Generate immediate “windfall” income by generating more sales leads and sales at lower cost.
  • Save thousands of dollars on paid traffic generation such as Google Adwords
  • Leverage your existing website content while incurring minimal additional expense.
  • Reduce or totally eliminate pay-per-click expenditure.
  • Bypass the steep SEO learning curve (is it worth your time to spend dozens of hours studying what you could easily digest in less than 2 hours?)
  • Become your own “SEO guru” and master the tools and tactics the big players use
  • Gain an instant credibility boost: studies show that consumers believe that the websites at the top of the search engines are more credible and pre-eminent than paid advertisers.

The price is just $47 (that’s Aussie dollars), putting this program well within reach of any business owner, and it comes with a no-questions asked, 60 day money back guarantee.SEO

Update: 4 May 2009: A number of commenters have asked me to elaborate on what makes this program different – here’s a brief update:

How is this SEO program different?

There are a lot of SEO experts and “gurus” on the Internet – many with impressive experience and qualifications – so what makes this program different and why should you buy it? Here’s a brief analysis as to what makes this program different:

  • An SEO program for business owners – many SEO programs delve into excessively technical details.  My program provides a “business owner”-level overview of the core techniques of SEO, plus implementation steps for the 20% of SEO techniques that deliver 80% of the results.  Business owners can either use this program to quickly get up to speed on SEO in order to tell good SEO firms from bad, or delegate the implementation to an in-house person to implement the action steps laid out in the program.
  • Focused on lead generation applications – most SEO programs take a generalist approach — this program focuses specifically on SEO for lead generation websites (i.e. websites where the principle focus is generating qualified enquiries for a product or service).  In the program I provide specific advice on the kinds of SEO strategies that work best in lead generation applications.
  • Based on what works – the program is 100% practical and is focused around the exact same strategies that have produced first page rankings for dozens of our clients in real lead generation scenarios.
  • Concise and to the point – the entire audio program is only 97-minutes long – long enough to cover all the key points, but not so long that you need 20 audio CDs to listen to the entire thing (and business owners typically don’t have time for that anyway).
  • Very affordable – other programs are priced at up to $1,000 (or more).  This program is only $47.   I deliberately priced it so low to ensure that price is not an option.  Any business owner can acquire these skills for a fraction of the cost of engaging most SEO firms.
  • All future updates included FREE – because the SEO world is changing so fast, I intend to occasionally update the program.  When I do, all purchasers of the program will receive the updates free.  A one-time investment ensures unlimited updates, for the time being at least…

Click here for the full story and to purchase the program

  • Brian

    Thank you very much for your helpful SEO tips. I have been using them on my own personal blog,

  • Minneapolis SEO

    So this is kind of an “audio book” you’ve put together for small business owners to learn how to do SEO for themselves? Sounds like an interesting venture.

  • Leadership Expert

    I know this may be a hard question to answer, but if you can answer it honestly then you may have a sale. Its:

    What does this SEO product offer that other eBooks don’t?

    That’ll be the deciding factor ultimately.

  • ME Digital

    We are aware of the fact that SMEs often don’t have the budget to spend on outsourcing companies doing their websites, online marketing and SEO. Your audio book could really be a solution for them, I think it could work.

    Good Luck!
    Marketing Eye Digital

  • Radio Controlled Boats

    Thanks Will – looks good I’ve already recommended this to a friend.

  • Pro designer

    I am in search of a good seo/sem product. Your product meets my requirements…I will search more about this on your site…If its good Then I am going to buy it :)

  • Web Design

    Sounds like a good product. But as leadership expert said, “What does this SEO product offer that other eBooks don’t?” You would sell alot more of your product if you mentioned that in your post.

  • Edgar

    Thank you very much very interesting information.
    I want to try this Audio Program.

  • LinkDirectory

    Seems like everybody is waiting for your further explanation about what it can give more than other products.

  • Will

    Hey everyone — thanks for your calls for more info on how this product is different — I’ve just edited the post to explain a bit more about that…

  • SEO Melbourne

    This is an innovative product and sure to become very popular

  • Physical Therapy Jobs

    The programs looks good based on the features you pointed out. How does this compare with a program like Internet Business Promoter, which is also pretty affordable?

  • AskTheCoders

    I am always skeptical of using any sort of automated product that is supposed to help SEO, but I will do some further research into this. It is hard to know what to trust with so many scams out there. This certainly looks promising though, so thanks for bringing it to our attention. Is there a long term recurring cost to this?

    Bob Whitehurst

    • Will

      Hi Bob — thanks for stopping by. No this is a one-time, $47 investment. And unfortunately, it’s not automated :( You still have to “do stuff” but it’s better to focus on the critical few activities that get the best results than it is to waste time on the trivial many things that get you nowhere fast.

  • Web Solutions

    Great work your new product is seems to be very usefull resource specially for internet marketers!so keep it up u did a great job!

  • Lorraine

    Thanks Will, another great post with superb info. Will b hoping to try the Audio Programme.

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    Thank you for this post. Many people dont realize the importance of SEO. This looks like a spectacular tool to elp rake in some new traffic.