How Quickly Should You Respond To Sales Leads?

Will Swayne

A few weeks ago I went looking for a landscaping service. Did some Google searches.  Clicked on a few ads.

Eventually I found a couple of companies that looked like they could do the job, so I contacted both.

And I was surprised to see a message on one of the contact form “thank you” pages:

“Thank you for your enquiry. We will be in touch within 3 business days.”

Meanwhile, the other company called back within 10 minutes, booked a time to come out the next day, and did the job same day.

A day later, the other company called back and sounded half surprised / half confused their competitor had already come out, quoted on, and completed the job!

Now who knows… maybe they were the best landscaper in the city.  But they were just too S-L-O-W to pick up the business.

This got me thinking about lead response times and what’s “best practice”…

I found this study by, containing some surprising (shocking!) stats.

In a “Mystery Shopper” study of 159 companies, they found that:

  • 55.3% of online leads were NEVER contacted
  • The odds of contacting a lead increased by 100X (thats ONE HUNDRED TIMES) if attempted within 5 minutes vs 30 minutes
  • The odds of qualifying a lead increased by 21X (TWENTY ONE TIMES) if attempted within 5 minutes vs 30 minutes

I’ve seen evidence to suggest these numbers will change depending on your industry, sales environment and marketing strategy, but when in doubt, respond to enquiries FAST and you’ll maximise Return On Investment, without incurring additional cost.

Sometimes we get so caught up with traffic generation… landing pages… conversion… sales funnels… social media and so on… that we forget the basics.

Just respond to online leads as fast as possible.

Will Swayne

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  • Jeff

    Nice article!
    Sometimes it is so odd how a person would spend time and money just to generate online leads and do nothing about it.
    Lots of money is left on the table with such a wasted effort going down the drain.

  • Amanda

    Contact as soon as possible and in the format requested. Too many times do I tick a box saying I wish to be contacted by email and then get a phone call but no email.

    Even on occasions when I left my phone details out I soon get a visit from the company on my LinkedIn profile and soon after the phone call comes in.

  • Alex Jones

    thanks for sharing us your experience….very interesting